So, your company is growing. Now what?


It comes a point in every company’s life cycle that demands for scaling decisions.

Either because you have a project that has grown to the point of you needing to scale the team or because the entire infrastructure of the company needs to grow to accommodate new projects and scale departments.

Either way this will happen to your company, if it hasn’t already.

How you grow the team and/or the infrastructure of the company, should be studied and planned as you should always understand that the new members will have to be accommodated by the standing team and it can be tricky but, if you work proactively to mitigate this, you can minimize the pain.

Even before introducing the new team members, you must first decide how they will be added to the team and, depending on the area of expertise, needs or project you may want to consider nearshoring the new members or department. Why?

Well, first of, you won’t have the recruiting drama of having to look for the right candidates for you, if you choose your nearshore partner wisely, you will always have the best fits for your needs without the hassle of bureaucracy, HR interviews and technical validation.

Think about it: you already worry about so much when growing your company, do you really want to add layers of work and worrying to it?

But will this be the right fit for my company?

If done smart, of course. If your company’s culture and values are well defined, if your needs are accurate and realistic, of course. Adding a nearshore team to your business will work as smoothly as if it was in house. Well, even better, if you think about it, as you’ll be able to do so, for a fraction of the value.

Our advice is this: understand the needs of your company and evaluate if you need to scale the team in house or if you can add a remote team (keeping in mind that nowadays remote is as efficient as in house – even more sometimes).

Whatever the answer to the above question, we can help by aiding you defining the best strategy and approach as there’s a lot more to it, than this.