Nearshore in Portugal

Portugal is Tech and everybody knows it now! Globalization takes a part on it considering that, this Era of Information is getting people closer. So, different cultures work together more than ever before, because their mindsets are more alike, all due to the globalization brought by the progress of technology. This is why Portugal is one of the best countries in Europe for nearshoring and outsource your IT teams. (see our video)



Portugal has become a very tech driven country. Sure, the weather is very good and we have the best waves in Europe (and the biggest), but what we think it's really valuable its the quality and know-how of our engineers, and the flexibility to adapt to almost any kind of environment.

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Lisbon or Portugal timezone is GMT, which makes it easier to communicate with other countries and we have direct flights to almost every capital city in Europe, so it's easy for you to drop by and work together with the teams if needed.

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Portugal has talent: Twenty-six percent of graduates have degrees in sciences, engineering, and technology having a result above European average; 60% of the population speaks at least one foreign language and 5% of the population are foreigners; two management schools are in the Financial Times top 25 of the best in Europe. Another reason why big tech companies are moving their operations to Portugal. Contact us to get access to a study that we developed together with a nordic company.


perfect mix of software Dev. & recruitment

Our recruitment (HR) capabilities match the most challenging team extensions and our experience in software development means that we actually understand about the full cycle of software development.


experience nearshore

Through us, not only you reach out to the most experienced IT professionals but you have also a lot of flexibility in how to build a fully integrated nearshore experience from Lisbon. Our team is also expert in defining together with you the best strategy to implement a long-term nearshore project.


Dedicated teams, dedicated office

It’s really up to you. Find out what you can do when our teams and our offices become yours too.