Nearshore in Portugal

Discover why Portugal is one of the best countries in Europe for nearshoring .

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Why Portugal

Portugal is Tech and everybody knows it now! But Portugal is also very safe, has great infrastructures and Lisbon has more than 300 days of sun every year.



The quality and know-how of our engineers is one of the best in Europe, and the flexibility to adapt to almost any kind of environment and overcome challenges is remarkable. Our expertise is wide and ranges from software development and testing to DevOps or even UX and Design.

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Lisbon or Portugal timezone is GMT, which makes it easier to communicate with other countries. We have direct flights to almost every capital city in Europe, so it's easy for you to drop by and work together with the teams, if needed.



Portugal has talent: Twenty-six percent of graduates have degrees in sciences, engineering, and technology having a result above European average; 60% of the population speaks at least one foreign language and 5% of the population is foreign; two management schools are in the European Financial Times top 25.

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At Velv, we are specialized in software development and we offer an integrated service for nearshore teams. We help our clients go digital and, more importantly, we help them getting things done.

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