Why is gender diversity a thing and why do we care?


When we first started velv we had the intention of providing the best services with the best people out there.

In the past years it has been noticeable that women representation on the Tech world falls short when comparing it with the male representation. For all of us that have been to Tech conferences, for example, this is very clear.

That’s why movements such as Women in Tech or Women who Code and so many others, are so important in order to bring awareness to this gap.

For us specifically, who work in the IT industry, it is still very clear that there is a great gap between female and male professionals.

Even though the top country for women in tech is Portugal (according to the women in tech statistics assembled by Honeypot back in 2018) which for us, represents a huge opportunity as it provides a bigger and more diverse pool to choose the best professionals for all our projects, there is still a lot of work to do on the #GenderDiversityInTheWorkplace in a lot of companies here in Portugal and all over the world.

Here at velv women occupy just over 30% of the workforce and about 30% of them are on managing positions!

It is a concern for us to be able to provide great working conditions for all, with parity on the wages and perks. Again, our goal is to work with the best people, regardless of age, gender and provide them the best working conditions possible.

If you want to find out more about our job conditions you can check our careers page.