Our team, remotely yours.


Budgets, timings, client requests, technical expertise, Human Resources. There are so many variables that can compromise a project. Don't panic. With Velv's team extension protocol, you can extend your team and overcome all those problems, remotely or on site. Stretch your capabilities and improve your project delivery through our nearshore service in Portugal. Know more.

We know it best

What is it?

A new work experience: our team, remotely yours. The easiest way to extend your office to sunny and iconic Lisbon city. Not only we can help with our amazing talent of Developers, Testers, Motion Designers or DevOps (see our expertise) but we can also build a new team tailored for you or even help you with a specific part of your project. IT Nearshore made easy.

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How does it work?

This can be done with or without our IT Project Managers, that really understand your needs, and can even help you with the deliveries. This means a more accurate selection process and a better guidance and team management. The result: your project delivery is bigger, faster and easier. Velv's team extension service will surprise you in how simple it is.

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How do I start?

Just give us details about your goals and needs. Our team will help you find the talent and we'll build a stellar team to start working in your projects. Wherever you are.

Start your Nearshore in Portugal

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Lisbon is tech!

We couldn't be more central. Our teams love to work in our office because...well, because is close to everything that is happening!

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You are in good hands.

Our team has a lot of experience in software development, design, system architectures, data migrations and building scalable teams for several industries. We even made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs.

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What have we doooone?!

Nearshore is not the only thing we know how to do. We developed some pretty cool projects too.