Nearshore: How to build an extended team


There are a lot of factors that should be taking in consideration before you establish a Nearshore service with an external vendor. We all know that costs, HR capability, the country’s advantages and tech skills are valuable and are the first things that come to mind when searching for a good Nearshore service. Nonetheless there are other very important factors that sometimes are forgotten.

One of the most important things is to look for a partner instead of a supplier or vendor. It is very important to have a transparent and flexible connection between the two companies and the end goal must be the accomplishment of a win-win situation. For instance, if the goal is to establish a Nearshoring team for software development growing the teams and companies together is the constant target, leading to better results in the end because there’s no hidden interests behind.

Another very important point is to understand your partner’s capabilities to hire, manage and keep a steady and longing relationship, and this is not always a matter of numbers. Meaning if a company has a lot of established Nearshoring teams, how will they prioritise you before other clients? Or if a company works with every big talent pool in say Portugal, where will they hire if they are already working with so many clients in the same market. This means that the strategy of your partner should be carefully built to have not only man power but also freedom to grab talent.

Other aspects like culture adaptation or if the company lives and breathes technology the same way you do are also important or even how the company approaches security (or cybersecurity) and information security should be addressed to guarantee this long-term relationship.

At Velv we carefully build a thorough approach for the best Nearshoring strategy, especially crafted and curated for companies that want to expand their business or increase their project delivery through extended teams and we can share it with you! To find more about our methodology contact us!