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Transform your business.

Velv knows how to transform intentions into concepts, and concepts into reality. Since our team is multidisciplinary, we are able to evaluate and interpret your goals in order to create powerful, digital, web-ready applications. It just suits you.

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Our Technology Stack

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Craving to learn? Our team developed an elearning platform with a gamification system for a large insurance company. We built this using Java 8, Angular 5, Bootstrap, MongoDB running over an AWS infrastructure. We discovered that, in the end, everyone using it was getting smarter.

infosec & cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is everywhere! Yeah, our team is cooking something for the cybersecurity world. We are not allowed to talk about this yet but, let’s just say it will improve security everywhere in an affordable way, using machine learning and complex algorithms in the also complex cybersecurity area. 

engagement systems

Mobile Coaching and feedback. Human interactions are very important. Everyone is hooked in apps lately, so we built a set of Android and iOS apps that engages teams into coaching and giving feedback to their colleagues. And it can be monitored through a set of dashboards and reports. Now, no more misunderstandings between co-workers!


Performance review platform

Understanding your teams performance is something valuable and we built a system that allows you to do this with all the analytics and reports that you need, so you can complete the yearly reviews of your employees. Oh yeah, using gamification.

new era surveys

Need help guiding teams? We developed a responsive interactive survey system using a motion graphics engine that allowed a big energy enterprise and a retail organization to better understand their teams and provide them specific training and tips for the daily routines. They asked us to WOW them, and so we did.

motion graphics

Did you see our video? Cool right? So yeah, we made that too. Motion graphics and animation with some sprinkles of enlightenment and a romantic storyline. That's our thing. 

job hunting platform

Stats Stats & more stats! Who doesn’t like analytics? It is amazing when you provide tools for organizations that replace mundane tasks and give your people focus to what is really important. We built a system that not only provides all the analytics but has a complex matching algorithm that improves the lives of everyone looking for a job. Game, Set, Match!



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