Our expertise

velv knows how to transform intentions into concepts, and concepts into reality.

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Whatever the
intention, we’ll
make it real.


Software Development

Our team is multidisciplinary and we can help you overcome any stage of a product’s development cycle.

QA / Testing

Extend and improve the QA in your projects, in order to assure the best quality deliverables.


We are all for collaboration and automation wrapped up with efficiency and that is why we are so keen on Dev Ops and the ability to help shorten releases.


Big Data/ Machine Learning

Machine Learning is not just a buzz word. It's real and it can help scale any product. Join it with Big Data and the outcome will be amazing.

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We have the expertise to help you secure your whole network and applications, through multilayer pen testing or other comprehensive methods.


Research &



Security is one of our top priorities. Not only we research around InfoSec, but we also have in-house expertise in privacy, pen testing and in implementing security best practices.


Together with European Universities we are researching new ways to better understand some risk behaviours in children that can lead to a series of consequences, offering parents, doctors and ourselves a better comprehension of our brain and how it translates into our daily patterns.

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What we’ve been doing


Gamification Platform

Our team developed an intranet system, integrated with an e-learning platform and a gamification system. The Android and iOS apps engages teams into coaching and giving feedback to their colleagues, while a back office provides analytics and results.

Motion Graphics & User Experience

Because design and user experience are very important in almost every system nowadays, all our software is developed with this in mind. Our intro video was all done by our team.



We are working on several FinTech platforms, such as an investment platform with really high performance or a loyalty system that can be integrated in core systems.


We developed a banking ledger based on Ethereum Blockchain technology, taking advantage of smart contracts features.